TopFive Best Burgers in NYC

Best Burgers in NYC

NYC is filled to the brim with plenty of juicy burgers. Some of the best burgers in NYC stick to the basic lettuce tomato and ketchup setup, while others are piled high with extravagant ingredients like black truffles, fried quail eggs, caviar and flecks of gold.

We decided to poll the people in order to track down the TopFive absolute best burgers in NYC. Specifically, we walked the streets of NYC and asked 200+ people to tell us their number one favorite burger in NYC. For some people it was difficult to decide. It depended on their mood, or if they wanted a quick and cheap burger, or a fancy indulgent burger. In response we said, let’s pretend there is a gun to your head, now what is your number ONE favorite burger in this city? The following list is what we found.

Whether you’re visiting NYC for the first time or you’re a local with an expert palate, these are the best burgers in NYC you should check off your bucket list this year.

Best Burgers in NYC

  1. Shake Shack– this burger is classic, unpretentious, and pretty much perfect.

  2. JG Melon– plump, juicy, dripping in american cheese and topped with a doughy white bun.

  3. Minetta Tavern– pampered in clarified butter, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, this burger lives up to the hype.

  4. Bareburger– customization is key. Bison, beef, bison, duck, elk,turkey, wild boar, grilled lemon chicken, sweet potato & wild rice, black bean & farmer’s quinoa; pick your poison.

  5. Hillstone– those shoe string fries though.

    Honorable Mentions

  6. Burger Joint

  7. Umami Burger

  8. Brindle Room

  9. Corner Bistro

  10. The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

If you were one of those people we stopped on the streets of NYC, thanks for sharing your favorite burger with us!

If you have a burger that you think is better than the ones on our list, cast your vote below.

Best Burgers in NYC

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