TopFive Best Bagels in NYC

best bagels in NYC

Everyone knows that the world’s best bagels reside in NYC, but which are the BEST bagels in NYC?  Some say the difference between a good bagel is all in the water, while others say it’s all about the dough. In my opinion, I’m not coming back for seconds unless there is salt in that “everything” mix.

We scoured the streets of Manhattan in order to determine the TopFive absolute best bagels in NYC. We stopped over 200 people and asked “What is your number one favorite bagel spot in NYC?”. Most people have their “go-to” spot. This is the spot around the corner that you can stumble into while you’re still in pajamas and nursing a pounding hangover from the night before. But be honest, are these actually the best bagels in NYC? Probably not. We asked them for their number one favorite spot with the kind of bagel for which you’d travel a substantial distance. THOSE are the bagels we list for you here.

Now before you start salivating as you dream about that warm doughy goodness, let’s settle this bagel debate once and for all.

Best Bagels in NYC

  1. Murray’s Bagels– The quintessential New York bagel complete with a crispy outside and a warm, chewy inside. This stuff is worth waiting on line for.

  2. Ess-a-Bagel – Generous spreads of cream cheese in an endless assortment of flavors gives you plenty of decision making to distract you during the 40 minute wait :)

  3. Tompkins Square Bagels– Watch the bagels being made fresh in the shop and try one of their crazy cream cheese flavors like birthday cake or french toast.

  4. Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company– Boy, are there some passionate people who like these bagels. But how can you blame them after biting into that perfect crusty exterior into that soft/chewy/dense interior?

  5. Bagel Boss– Hailing from it’s headquarters out on Long Island to it’s locations in NYC, this place knows how to make good kosher bagel with schmear.

    Honorable Mentions

  6. Russ & Daughters

  7. Pick A Bagel

  8. H & H Bagels

If you were one of those people we stopped on the streets of NYC, thanks for sharing your favorite bagel with us!

If you have a bagel spot that you think is better than the ones on our list, cast your vote below.


Favorite Bagel in NYC

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