TopFive Spots for Super Bowl Delivery in SF

Super Bowl Delivery in SF

If you’re lucky enough to live in the city that’s hosting the Super Bowl this year, but not quite lucky enough to have copped a ticket, then this TopFive Spots for Super Bowl Delivery in SF list was made just for you. Have no fear, there is plenty of great food in San Francisco to go around and plenty of apps to use to order it. Let’s see… we’ve got Postmates, Caviar, Door Dash, Eat24, Seamless/Grubhub and there’s got to be even more we don’t know about. We basically guarantee that you can have a full belly wings, pizza and tacos without leaving the comfort of your couch. There’s bound to be lots of traffic out there on the streets of SF and you probably get a better view of the game from your flat screen anyway, am I right?!


Here are your tastiest options for the Super Bowl Delivery in SF.


TopFive Spots for Super Bowl Delivery in SF

  1. 4505 Burger and BBQ– Available on Caviar & Door Dash – If you’ve got a bunch of men coming over to watch the game, there is nothing manlier then having piles of meat available for the taking. This place makes it easy by offering 4505 BBQ Catering! All packages include your choice of meat, your choice of parker house rolls, Acme pan de mie buns, or sliced white bread. Also includes Big Organic Salad, ‘bread and butter’ pickles, sweet vidalia onions, and house-made BBQ Sauce. All packages serve 10 and cost $166.

  2. Hot Sauce and Panko– Available on Postmates- With over 21 different chicken wing flavors, this year’s Super Bowl party could be the talk of the town. Don’t forget to stock up on Beer Wings and throw in a couple of Ultra Goliath Waffle Sandwiches.

  3. Little Star Pizza– Available on Door Dash & Postmates- Arguably some of the best pizza in this hilly city of San Francisco; both the deep dish and the thin crust versions should satisfy the crowd. And the best part is: they also have Spicy Chicken Wings on the menu so you can kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Tacolicious– Available on Caviar- If you decide to go the Mexican route, Tacolicious offers Taco Bar Catering! With 24 hr advance notice. Choose from three fillings. Includes chips, roasted tomato mint salsa, onions, cilantro, pickled vegetables, and our three signature salsas. Serves 15 people and costs $210.

  5. Wing Wings– Available on Postmates- I’m was so disappointed when I walked into a room filled with piles of wings and biscuits, said no one ever. A 50 pack of wings in a variety of sauces + 6 buttermilk biscuits will feed 5-10 people. Includes bleu cheese & ranch, carrots & celery and costs $68.

    Another Idea

  6. Basa Seafood Express– Available on Caviar and Eat24- Maybe sushi isn’t what you’d expect to see at a Super Bowl party. Maybe that’s okay. If you have a fancy bunch, you should order their Fancy Roll Tray! 8 double hamachi roll, 8 double sake roll, 8 cherry blossom roll, 8 rainbow roll, 16 caterpillar roll, 16 tiger roll & 14 ebi. Serves ~10 people for ~$93.

Super Bowl is just around the corner on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 7TH.

If you have a Super Bowl Delivery in SF spot that you think is better than the ones on our list, cast your vote below.

Best Super Bowl Delivery Spots in SF

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